About Us

Welcome to the little world of Fattori family! Here in Italy, among the hills of Marche region, the whole family sends you a warm greeting. By mom Patrizia, dad Luigi, granma Maria Pia, Pamela and Riccardo.

We produce  sauces, since 1980. The small company laborious journey is reflected in a nice provincial story, made of great attention to the quality of the ingredients, direct relationship with the local territory and an ongoing work experience at the table, improved daily. Simply, continuing the traditional attitude of our farmers.

Well, what does quality mean for us? First, we have to clarify, Fattori’s pasta uses raw materials of the surrounding areas, thanks to a direct contact with the producers. The sauces are devoid of any chemical additive (like flavor enhancers, coloring agents and preservatives), then they are pasteurized and stored in glass jars, making them naturally consumables for three years …excellent digestibility!

This approach means the production is a niche, do not expect big numbers done by the food industry, quality here comes before quantity.

At this point, it follows a reflection. Let’s consider, if you buy the Fattori’s jar with basil sauce, what have you actually bought? A quality sauce, certainly. But you have done much more:
you do have in your hands the same sauce the Fattoris and their loyal customers tasted for years, you have contributed to help the chain of small producers, who continue undeterred to enhance a table without chemical additive effects, and most of all, you helped to ensure every Sunday lunch will not miss playfulness of grandchildren when mom Patrizia and granma Maria Pia bring to the table the tagliatelle!

Fattori’s Family